Our story.

London, 1988. Beer is flat brown stuff that blokes drink in pubs. They stare at the brown stuff in their glasses. Drink it. Sigh.

Seven hundred miles away in Munich, a young Brit with beer on the brain gets to grips with German grammar. This is Alastair Hook, our founder. And he’s about to enter the holy of holies: The University of Munich’s Weihenstephan campus. Here, at the most famous brewing school in Europe, his eyes are opened to magic. The magic that happens when hops, malt, yeast and water are put in the hands of a master brewer. Delicious, complex refreshing: proper beer. 

Fast forward ten years, and Alasiar’s ready. With a second mortgage on his flat and a little help from a rag-tag crew of mates, he sets up Meantime Brewery in 1999.

By now, most of London’s beer is fizzy yellow stuff that lads drink in bars. Undeterred, Alastair introduces the thirsty city to proper beer. The city falls in love.

Where Meantime leads, others follow. By 2018, London has around 80 craft breweries. Meantime is one of the largest, still brewing in Greenwich and still the leader in pioneering proper beer for everyone. Our obsession with quality has helped to restore the reputation of British brews, both at home and around the world and we’re just getting started. 

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